InterStellar Software presents InterStellar MacCribbage version 1.0.1. In this game it's you against the Mac in head-to head Cribbage action!

Facts and Features

At the links below you'll find some of the many features that we hope make MacCribbage the best Cribbage game for the Macintosh.

MacCribbage Challenge

Take the MacCribbage Challenge. Play a 100 game series against MacCribbage and send me a screen shot of the Cribbage board with the game score and Statistics window. I'll include them at this link along with any info about yourself you provide. MacCribbage challenges you to win more than half the games!


InterStellar MacCribbage is distributed as shareware. The license is $10. This license entitles you to free upgrades to all future versions of MacCribbage direct to your e-mail as they become available. We hope that if you like MacCribbage you'll pass it on to all of you're friends and pay the licensing fee. In this way you will support low-cost, quality software through the shareware concept.
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Updated: 3/14/95